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Middlebury Social Impact Corps 2019 Summer Internship -Cape Eleuthera Institute

Internship Description:  This year’s Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) participants will be placed in one of three tracks, based on experience and interest.
The Center for Sustainable Development track exposes the intern to the varied aspects of developing robust systems that reflect the needs of an organization in a remote location. Examples of systems development includes modeling ecologically sound environmental management practices, working to assess and reduce our impact on atmosphere, ocean, freshwater, and land ecosystems, as well as examining and improving our interaction with energy, water, food and waste-stream systems.
The Cape Eleuthera Institute Marine Research track offers opportunity to gain hands-on experience of research related to marine island ecosystems and their conservation. Participants will explore endangered species ecology, environmental restoration and monitoring, and sustainable fisheries. Participants will take an active role in using communication and education as a catalyst for systems and policy change.
The Island School Community Outreach track provides interns with the opportunity to develop their community outreach and experiential education skills working within a cross-cultural team. Participants will support environmental summer camps that challenge children to find solutions to reduce plastic pollution in their communities, partake in the restoration of Bahamian coral reefs and promote environmental stewardship through art advocacy. Additionally, interns will deliver regular enrichment programming to support reading growth for children in our local community.

Host Organization Description: Cape Eleuthera Institute
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  • Develop a sense of place in students through immersion experiences in the natural and cultural environment;
  • Model sustainability of individual lifestyles, larger communities, and the systems that support them;
  • Create an intentional community in which members are cognizant of their abilities, limitations, and effect on others.
Our green campus allows students, educators, and scientists to live what we teach. The buildings and grounds at the Cape Eleuthera Island School (CEIS) incorporate systems and design principles that minimize our ecological footprint through the conservation of collected resources like energy and water. Our campus’s Center for Sustainable Development is constantly innovating to improve our sustainable systems on the cape.
CEIS is the first institution in the Bahamas to employ such comprehensive, ecologically sound systems. There is great promise that the school’s efforts will help change the way the Bahamas and other island nations manage waste and produce energy. CEIS semester students work to maintain and manage these systems, learning firsthand the benefits of engineering that reflects a deep-rooted respect for the environment.
CEIS internships offer the chance to gain hands-on experience in research related to marine island ecosystems and their conservation, and an environmental education in an amazing location.

Program Fees:
Internship cost is covered through acceptance into the Social Impact Corps program. This includes extensive training, mentoring, and an on-going student support system. This also includes three meals per day and lodging. Students will be responsible for round-trip travel costs associated with getting to Eleuthera, Bahamas and any additional in-country expenses. Once accepted, students who require financial aid may apply for funding to offset travel expenses by contacting Dana Anderson (

If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that you will be required to complete internship paperwork.