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Middlebury Social Impact Corps 2019 Summer Internship -Andean Alliance

Internship Description:
In the summer of 2019, Interns will participate in the AASD Development Practicum, focusing on an evaluation of the AASD Family Greenhouse Initiative. Students in the Summer Development Practicum will participate in a rigorous curriculum that uses observations from the field to explore concepts in development theory such as: power and privilege, the role of students and development workers in responsible community engagement, perspectives on poverty, and many others. Students will also be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, learning, and world-view.  The immersive nature of the program allows students to build on Spanish language skills while gaining firsthand experience of Peruvian and Quechua culture. 
This is a full-time, temporary internship position with a 8-week term. Applicants must have conversational Spanish language abilities.

Host Organization Description: The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development
The Andean Alliance (AASD) exists to raise the standard of living for indigenous Peruvians in high-altitude communities. All projects – including our flagship greenhouse program – address a specific community need and are designed to be educational, collaborative, and participatory.
The fundamental difference between the AASD and other NGOs is that we use the collective intelligence of stakeholders and scholars to address the unique needs of each community. Many other NGOs rely on a “one-size fits all” approach, which could, in turn, lead to unsuccessful projects. AASD defines success through impact, and our projects are both successful and sustainable because we remain accountable to the unique needs of each community.
The AASD uses innovative solutions to alleviate the effects of poverty, marginalization, and social injustices that hinder community development and well-being. We connect motivated change agents and resources to design informed solutions to address the local problems in the highlands of Peru. We engage other social change organizations to build capacity and foster collaboration. We also partner with graduate institutions to maintain an innovative approach. Most importantly, the AASD works alongside indigenous communities to facilitate the realization of a healthy and prosperous future.

Program Fees:
Internship cost is covered through acceptance into the Social Impact Corps program. This includes extensive training, mentoring, and an on-going student support system. In-kind support is provided by the host organization for lodging and meals, however students will be responsible for travel to and from site and any additional in-country expenses. *Participants at the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development will be required to purchase weekend meals on their own. Students eligible for financial aid may apply for scholarship to offset travel expenses once accepted into the program. 

If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that you will be required to complete internship paperwork.