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Spring Break Extern Program 19

Please read this entire description carefully.

It outlines the application process and other important program information, in detail.

The locations of externships vary from sponsor to sponsor. Review the PDF for all externship opportunities.

 to view all externship offerings.

2) Uploading resume and essay ("other document") in Handshake and APPLY to this Extern posting with those documents.

3) Complete online preference form : <>

What is this program?

We are pleased that you are interested in the Extern Program.
·        As an extern, you will have the opportunity to job shadow alumni/ae in their place of work. 
·        Externs observe and talk with sponsors and their colleagues. 
·        In most cases, you will participate in the normal routines of the sponsor, following your host throughout the workday, and in some instances, working on special projects.
·        Most of the extern sponsors are alumni/ae; there are some parents and friends of the College who also serve as hosts.

When does the program take place?

The Extern Program takes place over Winter Break and Spring Break. There are two separate application cycles for the winter and spring programs.  

The information included here is for the Extern Program Spring Break. The program takes place between March 11-15, 2019, depending on the availability of the sponsor.

Important details about the program – eligibility, expenses, And more

  • You are responsible for your own expenses, which include transportation, meals and housing, and for figuring out and making the arrangements on your own

  • In some instances, housing may be provided by the sponsor, which is indicated on their sponsor description form. There are also some alumni and parents who can provide housing only. Before you apply, figure out what your overall expenses will be in order to participate in the experience, with the biggest cost being transportation and housing.

  • The program is for all students

  • When you apply for your externship, you are making a commitment to follow through with the externship. Think about your ability to commit to the time, duration and location of your externship choices. Explore and confirm this before you apply.

  •  In order to participate in the program, all externs must sign a release form, which needs to be completed at the required orientation.

  • Final approval of extern assignments is done in consultation with the Deans.

  •  In order for HC International Students to participate, your extern experience must be all observation and you must meet with Natasha Weisz before the selection process.


1.     Read through ALL the directions carefully before making an application. 

2.     Review the extern sponsor offerings to learn about specific opportunities.

The extern sponsor descriptions summaries are found online in Handshake. Search for the job “Spring Break Extern Program 19.” You will see the link to the PDF at the top of the job description. A hard copy of the detailed sponsor sheets is also located in each office. BMC Campus Center 202 and HC Stokes 300. 
Review ALL the details completed by the sponsor. Pay special attention to:
- the timing of the externship. Are you available the days and week the sponsor indicated?
- the section for special qualifications. Has the sponsor restricted the experience by class year, school, or other qualification?

3.     By applying to the Extern Program, you are making a commitment to participate in this exploration program. The Office will be making the matches, trying our best to give you one of your top 6 choices, but it might not be possible in all cases. Since this is an exploration program, you need to be flexible.    

Once you are assigned an externship, participation is mandatory. Not following through can be considered a breach of the Honor Code, and you can lose your privilege to participate in future Extern Programs. Consider your choices carefully.

4.     Start early to work on your application. Late applications will not be accepted.
Applications must be submitted by Thursday, January 31, 2019 by 11:59 pm
Due to the high volume of applications, CCPA/CPD cannot provide last minute assistance.

5.     Submit an ESSAY up to 500 words and RESUME using your account in Handshake. At the top of each page, you MUST include your name, school, year, and email.

Answer the following questions for the essay:
a. Why are you interested in doing an externship?
b. What do you hope to gain from the experience?
c. How will you make the most out of the experience?

Note: If you receive an extern match, your sponsor will receive a copy of your essay and resume.    

6.     In some cases, interviews may be necessary for the match. You will be notified if an interview is necessary.

7.     Extern matches are made in consultation with the Deans.

8.     At the required Extern Orientation, you need to complete two questions to finalize your application for your assigned sponsor, immediately after you receive your match. This will be sent to your sponsor along with your original application materials. This must be completed at the Orientation.

The application process requires three steps

STEP ONE: Upload your Application Documents into Handshake:

For HC students:

By January 31: upload your essay and resume to your account in Handshake. 

Your Profile: tab  “Documents” and “Add New Document”
(name the resume: YOURCollegeusernameSpring19resume ) 

Do the same for your essay, naming the essay: YOURCollegeusernameSpring19essay and choosing the document type “Other Document”


STEP TWOApply to the Extern Job Posting by submitting your two extern documents:

Find the job “Spring Break Extern Program 19” and apply with your resume and essay.

STEP THREE: Complete the online preference form

By January 31, you must complete the online extern preference form, which includes contact info and career interests.

You will be prompted to select up to 6 externship choices with details about the sponsor and your plans for housing. Selecting a site in the application is a commitment to participate in that site if matched. 


By the end of day on February 8, 2019, you will receive an email letting you know if you have been matched. We will do our best to try to give you one of your top 6 choices, but it might not be possible in all cases. Since this is an exploration program, you need to be flexible.

The Extern Program is competitive, although we strive to match as many students as possible. If you do not receive a match one year, that will be taken into consideration the next year.

You will find out about your specific match at the required Orientation. If you receive a match, it is required that you attend one of the scheduled Orientations, where you will:
·        receive the name and contact information of your extern sponsor
·        complete the final part of the application: two questions specific for your sponsor
·        sign a waiver
·        learn about important information on how to make the most of the experience and what your sponsor will expect. 

You MUST attend one of the required orientations:

February 11, 4:00 PM, Bryn Mawr Room, DC
February 11, 6:00 PM, Bryn Mawr Room, DC      

Summary of the Steps for submitting Your Application

1.     Review extern opportunities in the PDF summary document or in the office to locate your specific choices. The PDF is found in in Handshake at the job “Spring Break Extern Program 19.”

2.     Confirm your ability to participate in the Program.

3.     Log into Handshake.

4.     Upload your resume and essay into the online system and THEN apply.

5.     Complete the online preference form.

6.     Both the online form and Handshake documents must be submitted by Thursday, January 31.
NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are missing any steps, your application will be considered incomplete.

7.     In order for HC International Students to participate, your extern experience must be all observation and you must meet with Denise Allison before the selection process.

8.     Questions:
HC Students: HC Center for Career and Professional Advising, 610-896-1181, Stokes 300