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Volunteer with Animal Rights Coalition

The Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) engages in a number of different animal advocacy strategies and opportunities for volunteers to get involved so there's something for everyone. Visit Animal Rights Coalition Volunteer Network to view upcoming volunteer opportunities, sign up to volunteer for events you’re interested in, watch orientation and training videos (coming soon!), and most importantly, get last minute updates in real time before and during events, all in one place! Sign up for ARC's monthly volunteer email by filling out the volunteer form and scan through the variety of volunteer opportunities ARC engages in below:

  • Outreach events: During the school year, we travel to colleges to set up a table and talk to students about animal rights. We also attend large, public events to hand out literature, food samples and engage people in our virtual reality outreach such as Twin Cities Pride Festival, Open Streets, and EarthFest. Volunteers are always needed at these events! 

  • TV Outreach: When the weather is nice, ARC sets up outside high traffic venues with large TV screens to educate the community about animal exploitation. This year we stood outside the State Fair to talk about the victims of the dairy industry and the harmful effects drinking cow's milk has on human health and the environment. Volunteers are always needed at these events! 

  • Peaceful Protests: ARC peacefully protests outside venues where animal exploitation occurs such as rodeos, circuses, hunting expos and stores that exploit animals such as selling fur or dogs from puppy mills. The more volunteers we can get at each protest, the better! 

  • Volunteer Meetings: ARC hosts monthly volunteer meetings on the third Wednesday of each month to bring in new and returning volunteers. Each meeting has a different theme or topic to discuss. This month's meeting we'll discuss how to survive the holidays as a vegan. In January, we'll discuss our plans for 2023 while volunteers put ARC contact stickers on literature to hand out at upcoming events. 

  • Cuddle Coats Prep Sessions: One of ARC's programs, Cuddle Coats, is designed to educate the community about the fur industry. We take in donated fur coats and prep them to be shipped to wildlife rehabilitation centers and rescues across the United States. We only hold a few prep sessions each year, but when we do, the more volunteers we have to prep, the better! After each prep session, we thank the volunteers by treating them to vegan pizza. 

  • Garbage Clean-Ups: Before and after the snow clears, ARC is sure to get outside and clean up areas that have the most garbage. Not only are garbage clean-ups great for the environment, it can also help spare an animal from choking or consuming something harmful. The more volunteers we can get for clean-ups, the better! 

  • Individual tasks: We've found that some people would like to help animals but aren't comfortable being around others or are unable to attend events in person. If this is the case, we have tasks that individuals can do on their own time, either at home or in ARC's office. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ARC's Outreach Manager at