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Intramural Basketball Official

  • No prior experience officiating, No state license 

  • Must attend preseason training clinics, and scrimmage 
  • Must get a 75% on the preseason sport test 
  • Must complete hiring process 
  • Must have attended a UREC Staff Orientation 
  • Must complete intramural paperwork 
  • Availability and Playing schedule if playing intramural sports, and class schedule 

  • Officials must have met the above criteria before being considered for a level 2 promotion and the added requirements in level 2 below 
  • Must get an 85% on the preseason sport test 
  • Officials must meet one of the following criteria: 
  • Has experience that can be verified in officiating the sport being hired for or another sport. Must meet one of the following qualifications pertaining to experience. 
  • a state license in officiating for a sport in (WIAA a Level 2 or higher or similar qualifications in another sport) 
  • Has at least a semester of experience 
  • Has experience and a reputable reference in the same sport or similar sport 
  • Has experience as an intramural official for an intramural sport season 
  • Must have completed an evaluation of performance in officiating 
  • Must have completed a performance evaluation of semester work performance 
  • Good standing with the Intramural Sports Program 
  • Has a good record of promptness’ to shifts (0 no shows) 
  • Turns in availability 
  • Turns in playing schedule 

  • Must get a 95% on the preseason test in the current semester every semester they work as a level 3 official (may retake the test if necessary) 
  • Must meet requirements above to be considered as a level 3 official and the criteria below in level 3, and also must fulfill added duties as a leader in the official’s program 
  • Must have worked 3 semesters or more 
  • Must have one of the following criteria 
  • Has worked a WIRSA State Tournament, NIRSA Regional Tournament or National Tournament 
  • Attended a NIRSA Workshop, or WIAA Approved clinic 
  • Is a WIAA Level 4 official or above 
  • Attend officials clinician training, and officials evaluation training 
  • Present during officials training 
  • Evaluate officials during scrimmages and season

Training will be held on 1/27 and 1/29.