Xanitos, Inc.

About Xanitos, Inc.

Xanitos is a management company that provides hospital housekeeping, patient transport, and central laundries services. It is differentiated by its patented XRO System for cleaning patient rooms, its outstanding operations management team, and by being a private company whose priority is giving top quality service, believing that by so doing, profits will follow.

Graeme Crothall, founder and CEO, has 40 years’ experience in hospital housekeeping and during that time he has founded and led four successful companies in the industry whose revenues today exceed $2.5 billion. In 2008 Graeme founded Xanitos by acquiring two small companies, one of which owned the XRO patient room cleaning system, and continuing his track-record of providing top quality service, attracting and holding excellent operations management, and always growing the companies he leads.

The results are evident; at the hospitals it serves, Xanitos has improved the cleaning quality, increased HCAHPS scores, reduced the risk of HAIs, lowered bed turn around time, and significantly reduced costs.


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April 2018 Metarfa, Adrar Province
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