Westchester County District Attorney

About Westchester County District Attorney

Westchester is one of 29 counties in four states that make up the New York City Metropolitan Area. Its unique character marries the more rural parts of the northern part of the county with the more urban and suburban areas closer to New York City. Nearly one million people live in six cities, 15 towns and 22 villages that make up Westchester County.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes nearly 30,000 criminal cases a year, throughout the 457 square miles of Westchester County. The office staff of 238 people includes the District Attorney, 119 Assistant District Attorneys, 34 investigators, and 85 support personnel, comprising the largest local prosecutorial agency in New York State north of New York City.

The 119 Assistant District Attorneys operate out of the District Attorney’s main office in White Plains, as well as eight branch offices located throughout the county.

The District Attorney’s office works with over 40 local police departments, the Westchester Department of Public Safety and New York State Police, as well as various other state and federal law enforcement agencies on a daily and ongoing basis.



June 2019 - August 2019 White Plains, NY
“I loved the experience I got from working in a real office, with real attorneys, dealing with real crimes and the fate of peoples lives. ”
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