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About WeAdmit Technologies, Inc.

WeAdmit was founded with a single aim, making high-quality college admissions counseling available to all. Through our innovative online programs, we are changing the nature of college admissions counseling.

Choosing the right major and college are crucial decisions in a person’s life. It’s an intersection; which path they pick will determine their future and career. If that wasn’t pressure enough for students and their parents, then there’s the challenge of navigating the admissions process. Each school is different; what do they look for, and how do you learn to do things their way?

With WeAdmit, students and families have a guiding hand through this critical chapter of life. We start by helping students discover their true passions and objectives, then guide them in selecting and gaining a place at their perfect-fit college—a path no student should walk alone. We make futures brighter.

Like the sound of what we are doing? We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely through our cutting-edge platform.


College Coach

May 2021 Hanover, NH
“This company is doing great things for high schools students looking to get the most out of their college experience and making sure everything is done to ensure the students go about the college application process smoothly. They are always updating the platform to make it easier for all involved (students, employees, parents).”

College Coach

May 2021 Harlingen, TX
“Working remote and selecting your calendar is very chill ”
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