About Voiz

Voiz is a social venture with a critical mission: empowering college students to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable economy (SDG 12). Today. the status quo relies on corporations to make the planet sustainable. It has failed. Even under the best of intentions, corporate progress is falling short across climate, racial justice, ocean plastics and more.

It's past time for a change.

Voiz has a theory of how college students can make change happen. We train passionate, knowledgable college students in sustainability evaluation. The students rate products ranging from earbuds to wetsuits to jewelry. and we publish the ratings for all to see. Think: thousands of students rating product sustainability, and millions of consumers reading the ratings before clicking "buy", tens of thousands of companies listening because it's worth their while. The more sustainable choices, the faster sustainability progresses.

Voiz launched last summer with thirty students from UCLA, USC, Cornell, Georgetown, UC Berkeley and others. We're growing fast: our latest cohort totaled 60 students, and we plan to expand further this summer..


Sustainability Analyst

January 2021 Bellingham, WA
“There are so many different ways to get involved with Voiz! I am currently in the 6th week of the internship and we are in the midst of the 8-week course on sustainability and it is so interesting and important, I feel like everyone needs to take a course like this. We review products based on their sustainability and it is completely free-range, you can choose any product you like! After you write your review you can also reach out to the companies and share your review with them. I've gotten into contact with two companies already and am talking to them about how they could be more sustainable! Yvonne and Diego are always there to help with anything and so are all of the other students who've been with Voiz for awhile. I am also getting involved with the education aspect of Voiz and becoming a campus ambassador as well! This internship is a great way to connect with like-minded people across the world. You can also get course credit from your school!”

Sustainability Anaylst

January 2021 New London, CT
“The weekly socratic seminars were so helpful in helping me cement the information I had previous learned in college as well as showing how sustainability could be applicable in various corporate fields down the line.”
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