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About Viskase Companies, Inc.

VISKASE® Companies, Inc. was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1925, originally as The Visking Company, when we invented and introduced the first synthetic sausage casing made from regenerated cellulose. This product was a revolutionary step forward in the meat processing industry. It allowed for large gains in productivity and efficiency to manufacture ready-to-eat meat products. In the years since, the Company has continued to put emphasis on innovation as we introduced new products, new concepts, and product adaptations to fit our customer’s needs. Expanding into new markets, and growing our business in existing markets, has led us to becoming the company we are today; focused on helping our customers bring safe and affordable protein sources to people around the world.

As worldwide demand continues to grow, VISKASE® is investing in the capacity to meet that demand. This includes investments in new facilities to provide better customer service around the globe. We built a new facility in the Philippines that will reduce order lead times for our customers in this region, while providing greater flexibility with their orders than was possible before. We have also moved into a new facility in Brazil to meet the growth in demand for all of our product lines in South America. To further improve our customer service, we maintain technical service groups around the world to provide the support our customers need to achieve maximum benefit from our products. Looking ahead, we are investing in technology to improve the quality of our existing products lines as well as developing innovative new products.

As a leading supplier to the industry worldwide, our business philosophy is to be a true partner with our customers. We not only deliver casings, but also excellent customer service, quality and innovation. We will continue to invest in R&D and continuous improvement throughout all aspects of our business. Our updated mission statement makes clear what VISKASE® core values are: a strong focus on the needs of our customers while simultaneously respecting the needs of our valued employees and the environment.


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May 2021 Loudon, TN
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