Virginia Transformer Corp.

About Virginia Transformer Corp.

Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corp is “the engineering firm that makes transformers”. With a history in custom-design and construction of power transformers since 1971, we have firmly established ourselves as one of the leading U.S. transformer manufacturers. Our four state-of-the-art North American facilities produce power transformers for any conceivable application – GSU, substations, auto-transformers, grounding transformers, drive duty, rectifier, exciter, voltage regulator, just to name a few – and our product line runs all the way from 300 KVA up to 400 MVA /345 kV class for core type liquid filled, 1,400 MVA / 500kV shell type liquid filled and up to 20 MVA/35 kV for dry-type.


Accounting Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Roanoke, VA
“I was given a great deal of responsibility and was able to take some projects on my own. I enjoyed communication with vendors to resolve issues and the problem solving aspect of the job. ”
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