Veritas Technologies Corporation

About Veritas Technologies Corporation

Keep critical information available, gain insights into enterprise data, and obtain visibility into what data has true value.
Veritas Technologies LLC is the information management company that will emerge from the separation from Symantec in January 2016. Veritas will give organizations the ability to delete worthless data and recognize valuable information, enabling them to achieve objectives more quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.
Data is exploding at incredible rates and scattering across servers, clouds and hypervisors around the world. Unchecked data growth is an expensive burden—and potentially a security risk waiting to happen.
Veritas products enable organizations to understand their own information, to distinguish between what is extra important and what is just extra. Across systems, environments and devices, Veritas helps organizations achieve insight and realize exceptional application availability.


IT Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Lake Mary, FL
“I love that though the experience was online. They made it feel as normal as possible. My leader was responsive and very involved. ”

Software Development Engineer Intern

June 2020 - September 2020 Santa Clara, CA
“I learned a lot about a topic with which I didn't have much prior experience, and I had access to very knowledgeable mentors to help guide me and provide in-depth explanations. The work I did was both interesting and useful, and it provided an opportunity for me to apply knowledge from a variety of classes I'd taken while also learning something new at the same time. I had a lot of control over the direction of my work and it was often my responsibility to make and justify design decisions. I also had the opportunity to work collaboratively with a variety of different people in different roles over the course of my internship.”
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