Vaudeville Ventures

About Vaudeville Ventures

Change starts with better ideas.

We deliver transformative ideas through our unconventional blend of inspiration, excavation, and whatever-it-takes-ification. We do everything you’d expect, and a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t. We team with clients to improve products and processes, drive scalable growth and sustainable change, and fix tough problems from the inside out. We help clients tell engaging stories that capture attention, inspire loyalty and, surprise and delight their customers.

We take insights, match them with innovation, expertise and resources, and apply them to the most promising opportunities. We light fires as often as we put them out -- driving change from within. Our unvarnished feedback & astute strategies maximize resources: the client’s, their vendors’ and our own. We not only throw our hearts and minds into our work, we throw our backs into it, too.

We support industry giants like Comcast, Madison Square Garden, Sotheby’s and CBS, as well as helping grow upstart startups like Eleven James, the luxury men’s timepieces club, MOGUL, a digital platform for Millennial women and Speakup, a mobile video messaging app. Big or small, we strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses.


Strategy Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“The strategists are extremely nice and helpful. You work on a lot of really interesting clients and projects that are unique to a boutique company.”
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