Van Andel Institute Graduate School

About Van Andel Institute Graduate School

Van Andel Institute Graduate School develops future leaders in biomedical research through an intense, problem-focused PhD degree in molecular and cellular biology. By combining rigorous, problem-based coursework with extensive research experience under the mentorship of the Institute's expert faculty, the Graduate School prepares students for productive careers as independent investigators in biomedical research. The program thrives within the state of the art facilities of Van Andel Research Institute, a world leader in cancer epigenetics and Parkinson's disease research in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our research areas include epigenetics, neurodegenerative disease, skeletal disease and cancer therapeutics, structural biology, and metabolic and nutritional programming.


Summer Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“I was able to work in an education setting with a wide variety of ages (2-12 grade). I also had the chance to learn a different lesson plan format that VanAndel Education Institute uses and teaches to educators.”
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