Valiant Living

Post Secondary Education Coordinator

May - July 2019 • Madison, SD

What I liked

Working at Valiant Living, a supported living agency for a adults with special needs, was one of the most rewarding and hard experience I've ever had. I worked with post secondary students (after high school and under 21 ) with special needs. I read IEP's, created curriculum, and taught lessons I planned for the students. Everyday was a different and I learned something about life and the greater things in life every single day.

What I wish was different

My time at Valiant Living ended when I put in my two weeks about half way through the summer. This was a result of stress in the workplace and some difficulties that come with this career field. My stress came from a lack of leadership and help from my supervisors and administration team. As a teenager who's major is not even special education, I had very little experience coming into the job. I got hired because of my background with children with special needs in the past. Knowing I had no formal education or training on special education, I was placed in an post secondary education room alone, almost blindly. My wish is that I had a better communication line and support system with my administration and supervising team.


One piece of advice I'd share about my experience is to be one hundred percent honest with your supervisors/employers about your capabilities. Being able to keep a clear form of communication with your supervisor is part of that honesty. If you lack communication skills or don't have a strong leader that helps you communicate, it'll be hard to do this. Researching more about the business/place you'll be working at is the very important as well.
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