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About University of Michigan - Ross School of Business, One Year Master's Programs

The One Year Master's Programs at The Ross School of Business encompasses both the Master of Accounting, Master of Management, and Master of Supply Chain Management Programs. These programs are one-year, specialized programs that provide high-level, in-depth knowledge in their respective fields, while incorporating top-tier Ross MBA business courses into their curricula.

The Ross Master of Accounting Program delivers the tools and cross-functional expertise you need to multiply your career options. We do this by integrating our eight month MAcc Program with Michigan Ross’ top-tier MBA Program. As a result, you get a dynamic, broad-based education that prepares you to be a leader in your field. Ross MAcc students are recruited by more than just accounting firms; they pursue careers worldwide in industries like investment banking, consulting and non-profit enterprise.

By tailoring elective courses, MAcc graduates are also well positioned for success in the CPA exam. In fact, our students have one of the highest CPA exam passing rates in the nation. While this is an impressive statistic, our goals transcend such immediate milestones. We seek to maximize each student’s long-term potential by providing a balanced education rich in core fundamentals, cultural perspective, and technological relevance. Emphasis on communication and teamwork is stressed throughout the program, particularly through participation in Ross Leadership Initiative (RLI) seminars and the EY Public Policy Symposium, conducted in Washington, D.C.

The Master of Supply Chain Management program at the Michigan Ross School of Business is dedicated to it’s mission to educate and develop future supply chain leaders. Consistently ranked in the top 5 supply chain programs in the country, the MSCM program is positioned to meet the evolving talent needs of industry. With an emphasis in big data and supply chain analytics, soft-skill and leadership development, general business education, and an in-depth, end-to-end supply chain education, MSCM students have the knowledge and skills to make an immediate impact in industry. Incorporated into the 10-month program is a consulting engagement with an industry partner where MSCM students work on a real-world supply chain issue and provide innovative solutions for their clients.

MSCM students undertake a thorough, rigorous curriculum in sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, finance, data analytics, technology, marketing and customer relations, topped off with a capstone course that provides a real-world supply chain consulting challenge for a partner corporation. Taking courses alongside Ross MBA's, MSCM students are also guided through their studies by supply chain experts and leaders from a variety of industries. Graduates emerge with deep, functional supply chain management expertise, well-rounded business exposure, and the multifaceted perspective of a general manager, ready to take on the ever-changing demands of industry.


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