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About University of Arizona College of Education

The College of Education at Arizona stands between the world of research and scholarship and the world of professional practice. We bring strong theoretical foundations and research methods to the study and improvement of education. And we work with our colleagues in professional education settings in Pre-K-12 and higher education to ground our work in the real settings in which our knowledge is used. We take the challenges that confront our nation’s education systems as our challenges.

Through our research, instruction, and outreach, we are engaged in programs to generate new knowledge about education, teach the next generation of educators and leaders, and engage educational and community groups in improvement. We partner with colleagues across campus, in the education and business sectors, and government and nonprofit agencies to leverage resources to make a difference.


Instructional Technology Student worker

September 2022 - May 2023 Tucson, AZ
“I really enjoyed my time in this job because I had the opportunity to learn new skills and face different challenges. It was exciting to constantly pick up new knowledge and apply it to improve our technology and support services. Each day brought something new, and that kept me engaged and motivated. The sense of accomplishment I felt when overcoming challenges and acquiring new skills was particularly rewarding, making this job both fulfilling and enriching for me.”
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