Universities Research Association, Inc.

Multimedia Intern

May 2022 • Washington, DC

What I liked

The Universities Research Association has been a wonderful place to work because of the staff's efficient teamwork and passion behind their mission. Prior to URA, I had never had experience with high energy physics research or with science funding through government/private contracts. However, URA staff has taught me the ins and outs of this sector. I appreciate that URA has also while given me the creative freedom in how to communicate their mission and affiliated research projects. I have enjoyed the opportunity to do project management for a potential new website and directing their communications plan. In addition, it has been a great experience interacting with their member universities and students while writing feature stories.

What I wish was different


Make sure that you understand the structure of this organization. From a communications standpoint, it is crucial to know how URA operates and who they operate for to be able to represent them and what they do. This can appear as very complicated since there are many stakeholders involved, however, the URA is really helpful with explaining this.
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