About Unite

We are delighted to introduce you to UNITE, the world’s only platform that uses cinematic advertising to create a win-win relationship between advertisers and consumers.

Our vision as Founders has always been to create a disruptive advertising system which benefits both global consumers and brands alike by rewarding consumers who interact with only brand messaging that applies specifically to them at the moment they view it. Our goal was to create a system where advertisers spend only what they need to spend in order to reach consumers in the most efficient way while rewarding those consumers who view only messages they want to see. We have done so with UNITE, which we believe to be the perfect video advertising ecosystem.

We are seeking an intern to assist in public relations, event planning, social media marketing, grassroots marketing, content writing, strategic relationship building and other alternative forms of marketing.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

July 2019 Irvine, CA
“I enjoyed meeting a wide range of individuals. Also, I was able to branch into web design which I had no experience in beforehand. ”
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