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University Advancement is responsible for creating awareness, building relationships and generating support for UC Irvine’s teaching, research and public service missions. This is accomplished through a strategic effort that incorporates strategic communications/ marketing, alumni relations, community and government relations, development, and strategic planning and administration. These centers of excellence provide a bridge between the university and the community that enables a vibrant partnership.

UC Irvine is different from other universities in a powerful way – the campus has grown and matured in tandem with the community and, as a result, shares with Orange County a dynamic relationship. This unique partnership sets UC Irvine apart from all other University of California campuses and, indeed, much of American academe. Like the university, Orange County is a center of innovation – and, like the university, it is nimble and unfettered by restraining traditions.

Additionally, Orange County community leaders possess an extraordinary bond with the university that will only get stronger as our ranks of alumni grow and mature. We now have the unique opportunity, together, to rise to the next level – the top one percent of universities nationwide – and create the prototype of a new-century university in which world-class excellence is combined with a dedication to public service.


Student Research Assistant

August 2019 Irvine, CA
“Very flexible scheduling, understanding and caring supervisor, laid-back work, low supervision, good work environment, and I feel like I'm included when there's small company events within the building. ”
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