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About Truce Software

Truce is a pioneering platform that eliminates all unwanted mobile device phone use at the workplace, and especially behind the wheel avoiding any applications the administrator wants their people not be distracted by.

Our application eliminates the frequency and severity of crashes caused by unauthorized phone usage behind the wheel and poor driving habits.

As an employer, you are exposed to the consequences of employee mobile device use when they are driving on company time or in a company vehicle. Making phone calls, texting, emailing and/or using any device application when vehicles are in motion exponentially increases the likelihood of an at-fault vehicle crash. The resulting increase in the frequency and severity of distracted driving crashes places negligence and vicarious liability exposure on the employer. Cellcontrol eliminates the risk by providing a cross-platform solution with centralized management and reporting, that is above all, enforceable.

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Mobile Application Developer Intern

May 2019 Baton Rouge, LA
“I really love the atmosphere of this company; I thrive in an environment that is laid-back. I am much more motivated to meet deadlines when I know my coworkers personally and we all get along. I learned so much from this internship, more experience than I ever could have hoped for. I know this job will be great for me going forward, and maybe even a full time role will manifest from this internship, all thanks to Handshake! ”
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