Transport Workers Union Local 100

About Transport Workers Union Local 100

NYC's biggest labor union representing 34,000 NYC MTA Transit Members. Fighting for workers rights and fair wages and making sure a safe work environment is provided. The union that makes sure we move nyc everyday.


Intern for the Education Department

January 2016 - May 2016 New York City, NY
“The internship itself is called Union Semester and it is through the CUNY School of Professional Studies. A group of students, both undergraduate and graduate, take 16 credits through the CUNY system and work at labor unions around NYC for 35 hrs a week for the whole semester. The academic component provides background into the history of labor unions as well as different issues that labor unions are facing right now. The experiential component immerses you into a labor union and how it organizes, educates workers, the ties they have in the city government and how they use them, etc. The union I interned at, Transport Workers Union Local 100, was the best experience I could've asked for. My mentor was knowledgable and exposed me to different sectors that the Union is involved in. I was able to talk to current members of the Union as well as organize possible future members. ”
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