Tillman Infrastructure, LLC

About Tillman Infrastructure, LLC

Tillman creates, operates and invests in telecom and energy infrastructure businesses in developed and emerging markets. Tillman is a global leader in infrastructure development, with ‘on-air’ and ‘in play’ operations on tens of thousands of cellular towers across 5 continents, through its subsidiaries and associated companies. Tillman and its leadership team has successfully built/managed telecom infrastructure in over 50 countries.

​Tillman is developing sites in over 30 states across the US.

Tillman has a growing list of tower and rooftop sites for colocation.

Real Estate Management
Tillman works with large landlords to unlock wireless carrier revenue.

Ground Lease Buyout
​Tillman can provide landlords with financial flexibility. 

Tower Acquisitions 
​Tillman supports tower developers and tower owners by acquiring individual sites and tower portfolios.


Project Controls Specialist

January 2021 Saddle Brook, NJ
“Starting my first full time job straight out of college was tough, especially during the pandemic/lockdown, but once I was hired and started training, I quickly realized how supportive this team was. I knew that as long as I worked hard and stayed consistent each day, they would have a vested interest in watching me become successful personally and financially. The best part about working at Tillman Infrastructure is how open minded the company is - I constantly see processes and procedures updated. This shows me how willing upper management is to hearing new ideas and adapt to more efficient methods when presented. Each day I look forward to solving problems with my team, finding ways to improve the company as a whole and learning more about the telecommunication industry as it grows more each day.”
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