The Next Street

About The Next Street

The Next Street is a driving school unlike any Driver’s Education school you have seen before. We put a huge effort into surrounding ourselves with friendly, happy, energetic, and all-around good people. We hire great people and teach them the skills they need to be outstanding. We believe in helping you become the best version of yourself. We believe in you and want to help you achieve your career goals (and support you in your personal goals). We believe in creating a team environment with like-minded peers that support each other and make you feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

Our staff is a diverse community of people, all connected by our belief in 3 core values: Kindness, Positivity and Curiosity. No member of our staff is a cog in the wheel. We are all (from the CEO to our Licensing Guides to Managers to the Instructors and everywhere in between) a part of something bigger than ourselves and we work together to serve that greater good.


Marketing Intern

May 2019 Watertown, CT
“This internship opened up so many possibilities for me and my future, and really gave me the necessary experience to be able to go forward with my aspirations.”
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