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About Illuminera
Founded in 2007 as an insight-driven marketing consulting firm, Illuminera has evolved into a premier data-empowered marketing consulting and solutions group with global presence. Illuminera delivers substantial impact to clients’ businesses through a relentless focus on non-stop radical and incremental innovations all delivered with impeccable craftsmanship.

Illuminera aims to become a cutting-edge global marketing group that leads the data-empowered marketing revolution.
 Leading the data-empowered marketing revolution in consulting, technologies, algorithms, data assets, and applications.
 Presence in major global markets offering data-empowered integrated capabilities of innovation, strategy, creative and communications, RTM, and Martech.
 The most inspiring and valuable brand in the industry for clients, practitioners, and associates.

Offices in Shanghai and Chengdu, Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne.
250+ consultants specialized in strategy consulting, data analysis, innovation ideation, media creative & planning, etc.

一:Rewarded & certified as
 Consultancy of the Year Greater China / Australia, Campaign
 Employee Caring Award & Best EX Team, EXAwards
 Marketing Innovation, ECI AWARDS
 Big-data & Intelligent Enterprise of the Year, Tiger Roar Award
 AI Marketing Agency of the Year, Goldbyte Award
 Marketing Platform of the Year, Golden Vision Award
 Digital Innovation Product, Socialone BRAND PARTNER 20|50
 ISV of Ali and JD

二:Some of our recent clients in China:
Healthcare: Roche, Sanofi, GSK, Pfizer, MSD, Lilly, BMS, Johnson & Johnson, AZ, Metrodonic, Bayer, Biogen, Merck, Novartis, Everest Medicines, Innovent, Takeda
FMCG: McDonald's, L’Oréal, Wyeth, Nestle, Danone, Hershey, Mars, Suntory, Lipton, Ferrero, Vivo, Lipton, Evian, Tetra Pak, Jahwar, Shiseido, Remy Martin, Rio, Kiehl’s, HR, Dickies, Breo, Haleon, Bissell, Suntory, Calbee
Others: Mercedes Benz, Lincoln, Nissan

三:Our Services (From 0 to 1, From 1 to 100, From 100 to ∞, From 0 to ∞):
  From 0 to 1, Pre-launch: Entering A New Market, Innovating for New Product/service, Configuring A New Brand.
 From 1 to 100, Launch Excellence: Launching A New Product/Service, Optimizing Brand/Portfolio Strategy, Optimizing Digital RTM Channel Strategy, Optimizing POS Effectiveness.
 From 100 to ∞, Scale-up: Accelerating Growth, Digitalizing to Fuel Grow, Reinventing Business Model.
 From 0 to ∞, End-to-end: Integrated End-to-end Service

四:Our cases:
 From 0 to 1, Pre-launch
 L‘Oréal Mid-night Cream:100K SKUs sales on Day 1, #1 Tmall Black Box best-seller in 2019
 OLAY Pureset Supreme Concentrate:110K SKUs sales on Day 1, Tmall 2020 best-seller in beauty
 Vaccine Blockbusters: Strategy formulations for Gardasil and Shingrix
 Rx New Product Launches: We helped to launch 30+ Pharmaceutical Product
 Haleon: Media strategy optimization for better sales generationWe help health & wellness industry optimize short to medium term seeding effect
 Breo Eye Massager: Over ¥10 million GMV during launch

 From 1 to 100, Launch Excellence
 HOROYOI: Tmall's category top-seller, 6 months after launch
 BISSELL: Fuel growth on 11.11 – User asset x 2.4 & Conversion rate x 2

 From 100 to ∞, Scale-up
 Bright Diary Ambient Yogurt: Momchilovtsi's growth from ¥170 million to ¥6.5 billion
 One Suntory Campaign: Brand building + membership monetization
 VIVO X23: An instant sellout, Sales beat expectations 5-folds
 NESCAFE: Same budget,2X user acquisition
 QIAOHU: Repositioning and Portfolio Innovation to Fuel Growth
 Water Heater Category Captains Empowerment (In cooperation with Tmall and four major brands) Millennials' GMV growth, smashed industry average by 50%
 Sanofi: Innovations in Disease Management

 From 0 to ∞, End-to-end
 Yan Palace Bird’s Nest: Innovation to launch, Integrated services with "zero" frictions
 Suntory Guopu Tea: Innovation to launch, Gen-Z meets a century-old brand

You can find more about us on and our official account on wechat “ILLUMINERA”.



June 2020 - November 2020 Shanghai, People's Republic of China
“Friendly and relax work environment.”
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