The Creative Difference

About The Creative Difference

The Creative Difference is an educational enrichment program focusing on out-of school camps for children ages 6 to 12 to broaden their learning experience through creative, hands-on, process-based, open-ended and child-driven activities.

Our programs are designed to inspire children in creative thinking, problem solving, self-direction, discovery, higher-order thinking skills, and the courage to create something different! At The Creative Difference, there is no right or wrong way to create something. We promote free thinking and challenge children to explore their ideas.

At The Creative Difference, we work to help children embrace the joys of childhood through creating. These childhood joys- imagination, curiosity, and the intrigue of learning- serve as a foundation for a healthy and strong education.



June 2018 - August 2018 Fairfax, VA
“I absolutely loved working with kids all summer. They are such pure humans and give me hope. ”
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