What does an Administrative Assistant do at Tesla? What's the scope of this position?

Administrative Assistants at Tesla do a variety of things for the company, some depending on the current project. This includes answering phone calls and relaying messages, working closely with recruiters, using double computers, doing eligibility checks which include checking resumes and whether...
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Can you guys speak about your experience as a materials engineer at Tesla, if you've ever worked in this position?

The Materials Team at Tesla is split into two groups, Metals and Non-Metals/Polymers. I was in the latter group and I worked on paint and adhesives. I worked with suppliers to troubleshoot issues on existing vehicles, traveled back and forth between HQ in Palo Alto and the factory in Fremont to w...
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What sort of daily functions should I expect at Tesla as a Supply Chain Intern?

Really varies quite a bit - most days I'm in a lot of meetings or talking with different Global Supply Managers, who are managing relationships with suppliers, as well as Engineering Program Managers, to understand how we're doing in terms of material readiness for upcoming builds and production ...
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Should I expect to have long work hours as an engineering intern working at Tesla?

I'd expect (and hope for) 45-50 hour weeks to be the norm. Honestly if you're looking for work-life balance in an internship, you should go be an intern somewhere else.
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What does a Customer Experience Specialist do at Tesla?

As a CES, you are the face of the showroom. You are required to greet anyone who enters the showroom within 10 seconds or 10 feet and engage them in conversation with the goal of the interaction being a lead. A lead is an email/phone number/scheduled test drive from the customer. Your manager wil...
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What's a day in the life of a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Tesla like?

There's no fixed working hours so you would get to work whenever. There's free Cereal, Coffee, OJ and all the breakfast stuff in the cafe. Once you're settled in, you dive straight in to work. You'll be assigned project/s (yes, multiple and yes, at the same time) at the begining of your internshi...
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What are some qualities I should highlight in an interview for a Product specialist role at Tesla?

Tesla is looking for individuals who are passionate, adaptable, and have the ability to be a "team player:" Passion: Working at Tesla can be demanding, therefore, in order to push through the more challenging times we rely on the company's ultimate goal to give us a boost of motivation. This ...
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Is Tesla a good place to kickstart a career in sales?

Tesla is great place to kickstart almost any career. While working in our Manhattan location I was often contacted by other tech-start ups in NYC asking if I would consider applying for one of their positions. Because Tesla is such a prominent house-hold name I believe that you can transfer to ...
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How does training work at Tesla for a Manufacturing Intern?

The training program is a two day orientation. After that, you get put on a team and the specifics are up to them. Most interns get thrown right into the thick of things to start absorbing as much info as they can. Interns are normally given smaller projects up front and then larger ones as the t...
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What does a Scheduling Coordinator do at Tesla?

Scheduling Coordinator is a team lead for the scheduling team. They work with other agent’s on scheduling customer’s for the solar installation & Powerwall installation & EV installation. Once those fundamental steps have been completed, we move to problem solving to be the most effective use of ...
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What does a Design Engineering Intern do at Tesla?

Supports the product management of different components of the vehicle. You may own your own parts, or help a coworker with one of his parts. This normally involves CAD modeling/surfacing/drafting, components testing, and coordinating with other teams or suppliers.
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What would a Material Engineer Intern do at Tesla?

Material Flow Engineering is a Production supporting team. It is literally material flow: how parts and hardware (materials) move about the factory to their intended end location (flow). Parts arrive every hour at the loading docks of the factory and need to end up at the assembly line. Material ...
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If anyone here has interned at Tesla, what did you like about that experience?

I liked the open atmosphere. There were no cubicles or offices. Also, I was able to learn a lot about a variety of subjects relating to the car/dealership business model. There wasn’t much that I did not like. However, I would say that because Remarking is relatively new at Tesla, there was not a...
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