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About SYNNEX Corporation

What We Do
SYNNEX boasts an extensive line card of IT peripherals, IT systems and servers, system components, software, communication and security equipment, consumer electronics, software products, and other complementary products and services from our vendor partners. SYNNEX maintains relationships with IT reseller and retail customers, including value-added resellers, corporate resellers, government resellers, system integrators, direct marketers, and national and regional retailers. Additionally, SYNNEX builds value into transactions by providing customers with complete solutions and the necessary pre- and post-sale support to successfully compete for and win business.

Why We’re Unique
SYNNEX has built upon its core distribution business to create a highly efficient hybrid model that provides customers with a wide range of solutions and value-added services. With our scaled supply-chain efficiencies, inventory management, and extensive financing options, we help our customers grow their business. SYNNEX’ proprietary platforms and collaborative peer communities provide both unique tools and complementary reach and expertise to help our vendor and reseller partners grow sales and market share.

SYNNEX’ deep expertise focuses on technology and vertical markets, working in collaborative teams to build next-generation solutions where the two intersect. We are partners in navigating technology-growth opportunities for our vendors and customers. SYNNEX constantly re-evaluates and evolves its go-to-market strategies to help our partners stay relevant in the ever-changing world of technology.

Our Hyve Solutions business has created a new paradigm for scale computing, with purpose-built, large scale data center solutions, integrating hardware, software, and services. Hyve Solutions’ unique role in the Open Compute Project (OCP) as the only Platinum Solutions Provider and the original OCP solutions provider, focuses on vanity-free, highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for the world’s largest datacenter customers, including leaders in public cloud computing and social networking.

Guiding Principles
SYNNEX aligns itself with the guiding principles of visibility, velocity and value in order to achieve a maximum benefit to our customers, associates and shareholders. We deliver the finest products and services in the industry and treasure loyalty, teamwork, integrity, and hard work from all of our associates and business partners.

Visible and transparent actions allow us to see progress and barriers to success. This visibility provides accurate and timely information about challenges and opportunities, allowing us to be proactive in our actions and decision-making.

It’s the capability to adapt quickly and anticipate changes in the marketplace of our customers and vendors. Velocity means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible. We move quickly to make decisions and execute them, managing our resources to maximize customer satisfaction and results.

Value is upheld in all that we do. If anything we do does not produce value to our staff, customers or shareholders, we simply shouldn’t be doing it. This focus forces all of our resources to activities that are important to our customers.



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