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About Swoboda Inc

Swoboda is a family owned company that operates worldwide – more than 4,000 employees develop and manufacture high-precision metal-plastic components for automobile electronics in our Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico, Romania, USA, and China facilities. With our know-how and highly specialized manufacturing capabilities, we are a worldwide leader in in our product sector.
Our own desire for innovation, high quality and cost optimization motivates us to always give our best and to be self-critical of the results. This philosophy is what has made us internationally successful for more than 65 years, as well as being a highly desirable business partner. We are proud of this position, and also proud of our employees, who greatly contribute to maintaining this success.
Training has always been very important at Swoboda – the products and services we provide are built upon our employees’ high level of expertise. We invest in the best available talent in order to be able to develop the most demanding products, both now and in the future.


Engineering Intern (Technician)

May 2019 - August 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I liked how hard everyone worked and how clean the plant was. I could tell safety and organization were important here. Quantity of parts is important for any manufacturing plant, but it was impressive to see the expectations for parts at Swoboda. They do a surprising amount of testing, both automated and by hand.”
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