Supervisor of Shipbuilding - Groton, CT (Department of the Navy)

About Supervisor of Shipbuilding - Groton, CT (Department of the Navy)

SUPSHIP Groton is the liaison between the Department of the Navy and Electric Boat Corporation who is engaged in the design and construction of new OHIO Replacement and VIRGINIA Class nuclear powered submarines, as well as the repair and modernization of LOS ANGELES, SEAWOLF and VIRGINIA Class nuclear submarines in the Fleet.

It is the Supervisor's responsibility to administer all contracts, outfit the ships, assure that the technical and quality assurance requirements of the contracts are fully met, ascertain that satisfactory production schedules are maintained, and ensure that the final product delivered to the Fleet is ready to sail "in harms way."


Student Trainer Aquisition

June 2018 Groton, CT
“Very hands on experience. Really enjoyed the community and flexible hours plus paid time off.”
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