SUNY Potsdam Chemistry

Research assistant

May 2019 • Potsdam, NY

What I liked

I was able to conduct research alongside my research advisor, Dr. Fadi Bou Abdallah on mutant L-chain ferritin and their role in neuroferritinopathy, a neurodegenerative disease from the accumulation of iron in the brain. Not only was it a great experience being in the lab everyday, learning new skills, and collaborating with other students on a very interesting topic, but I also coauthored a paper that was published in a prestigious scientific journal this fall.

What I wish was different

I wish that I was able to stay longer to conduct research rather than only a month.


One piece of advice I would share about this experience is to never back down from an opportunity presented to you! I was offered this opportunity to stay in Potsdam over the summer to conduct research, and my first thought was that I’d have less time over the summer to spend back home with friends and family, however I chose to partake and discovered that I love working in a lab on novel projects. This opportunity that was presented to me set me on the path to decide that I want to pursue a PhD, and paved the way for future research opportunities.
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