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About Stonefield Engineering and Design

Stonefield is a full-service land development consulting firm providing land surveying, civil engineering, traffic engineering, and planning services. Our firm provides services for residential, retail, commercial, institutional and various other land-use projects across the country. Stonefield is committed to providing exceptional service for a wide range of land development programs dedicated to serving our clients’ needs.

We are a community of designers, engineers, artists, coordinators, administrators, technicians, surveyors, and planners. As a team, we embrace a spirit of creativity that allows us to be agile, fluid, and adaptable to the challenges at hand. With a wide variety of projects and communities served, we strive to utilize resourcefulness and responsiveness every step of the process while being grounded in quality design and technical mastery.

We deeply believe in the power of teaching, mentoring, and inspiring through collaborative design. Our mission is to deliver meaningful work and to do so with an intense spirit of passion, experimentation, and play.

Traffic -

One of the most crucial and emotionally charged elements of a development’s approval and eventual construction is the potential impact it will have on the surrounding community’s traffic patterns. Stonefield has extensive experience in the field of traffic engineering, working with various builders to assess traffic impacts and methods to mitigate congestion and clarify commonly misunderstood conceptions about new facilities.

Stonefield has expertise in a wide range of traffic engineering related services. The Stonefield traffic engineering team is knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful, understanding the flow of traffic and utilizing industry standard tools and methods to mitigate traffic congestion. Our team has provided traffic analysis, traffic reports, mitigation plans and expert testimony for over 2,000 projects in the eastern US.

Stonefield works in any environment or context, making sure to provide the utmost attention to detail and commitment to the project. This commitment is what allows Stonefield to provide exceptional expertise. Roadways and intersections often times have a very complex nature and to engage that, Stonefield provides a team of experienced engineers to provide a host of creative engineering solutions to its clients.

Survey -

The survey team at Stonefield is comprised of experienced professional land surveyors and technicians capable of providing a wide variety of surveying services. Our team provides surveying services for various sectors of land development. Stonefield is committed to delivering the highest quality services while meeting clients’ project timelines. In addition to traditional techniques, our skilled field crews are equipped and trained to use prevailing technologies, which allow us to efficiently gather field data and deliver that information effectively to the client and their professionals.

With the ever-increasing complexity of real estate transactions, planning, development, and construction, our professionals have the expertise to achieve highly accurate results in this evolving environment. Leveraging the tactical use of innovative technologies available today, Stonefield maintains a practice of delivering the highest professional quality and standards in our survey production. This approach allows us to service projects of all sizes and intricacies .

Planning -

Stonefield’s professional planning team is dedicated to designing facilities and projects that increase livability for all users. Stonefield is fully committed to combining various perspectives and integrating them to create a holistic vision for a project.

Stonefield is always on the cutting edge of new planning theories, designs and standards. Stonefield has in house capacity to create safety analyses, conduct road audits, create community mapping, render proposed development plans and a host of other capabilities that all work towards the goal of having a client’s project envisioned and realized.

Stonefield designs promote a sense of community and belonging. In doing so, Stonefield ensures its clients a high quality product that does more than fulfill the basic requirements. Stonefield strives to go above and beyond to provide the highest level of planning related services. Making that commitment, Stonefield ensures that its projects will increase quality of life in every project that it undertakes.

Civil Design -

The Stonefield Team provides a full range of civil/site engineering services from initial concept design and feasibility analysis through construction management services. Our firm embraces the belief that our client’s real estate development goals are best served by value-added, responsive, and strategic consulting services. Stonefield is comprised of innovative thinkers whose mission is to assist in realizing the goals of our clients while implementing safe and efficient designs that will enhance the end-user’s experience and benefit the local community.

Stonefield’s professional staff has extensive experience in all aspects of land use permitting and entitlements. Our firm focuses on consulting with our clients and their Project Team to develop a strategic approach catered to each individual project and goal.

Stonefield places an emphasis on the implementation and use of the latest technology in the industry to aid in design, value engineering, and presentation of our work product in a public forum. Through the use of these technologies, our firm is able to deliver the highest quality product to our clients and provide the most cost efficient designs.

Landscape Architecture -

Within the walls of Stonefield, landscape architecture is woven seamlessly into each project and profession. Here we embrace our societal responsibility as stewards of our natural resources and welcome those leadership roles in providing ethical and fair behavior relating to our natural environment. To fulfill this duty, Stonefield takes a progressive approach to theories in sustainability, community outreach, adaptive reuse, heritage, human interaction, and environmental preservation. Every project aims to create a tight-knit social network of human-scale livable spaces combined with respect, care, and guidance of the environment is the driving force of the design essence at Stonefield.

Stonefield believes landscape architecture has an ever-evolving and influential role in our public and private spaces. Each project has the potential to enhance the way we experience our surroundings in our communities. As landscape architects we break down the theoretical boundaries between design professions. This allows us to fortify the designs to impact socially, culturally, and environmentally. Through this, it is imperative that as landscape architects we establish a direct line of communication with architects, planners, engineers, and officials to achieve the desired balance between nature and economic forces.


Civil Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Detroit, MI

Engineering Intern

May 2019 Rutherford, NJ
“Very social environment, in and out-of-office events to have fun with coworkers; handed more responsibility once shown the aptitude for it; everyone in the office from top to bottom is very approachable; care a lot about personal development”
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