Steelcase, Inc.

Product Marketing Intern

May 2018 • Grand Rapids, MI

What I liked

I love the freedom, flexiblity, and culture of not only my immediate team but of Steelcase as a whole. I have never been treated as "just an intern" on my team. I am leading projects and deliverables as well as creating marketing tools from the very first stage to the final stage. My team encourages and values my opionion and suggestions and is always willing to spend time helping me learn along the way.

What I wish was different

I wish there was a better description of my internship online. The description did not really capture what I would be working on.


Don't be afraid to jump right into difficult tasks. A lot of times I would be given a project with very little instruction and had to figure it out as I went along. Use your manager as a resource for help however, try and work on the project as much as you can before asking for help. Also when you do ask for help try to come up with a few different solutions to the problem first and explain why those potential solutions might work and then ask which they would recommend or if they have a different idea entirely of what to do.
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