SOAR Aerospace LLC

About SOAR Aerospace LLC

SOAR Aerospace uses an advanced carbon fiber manufacturing process to produce stylish, customizable, and extremely durable racing drones for the new and rapidly growing "Esports styled" industry called drone racing. Drone Racing is an industry where pilots are getting paid to compete around the world in what can best be described as a mixture between Formula 1 and Star Wars Pod Racing. They also use these highly agile devices to film action sports the way they were meant to be filmed by using a combination of barrel rolls and flipping maneuvers! Excited yet? Our goal is to offer every pilot a premium purchasing experience with much variety to choose from to better represent their identity.


Videographer Intern

January 2019 - May 2019 Orlando, FL
“The guys at SOAR are amazing. They are the most laid-back yet determined people I know. They get the things they need done in a timely matter without overwhelming you. With them being students themselves they really do a great job of being concious of your classes and schedule and make sure you’re not overwhelmed with work and have plenty of time to breathe and do well in your classes.”
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