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Sloppy Vinyl is an all purpose cultural blog out of New Jersey. We are here to provide up to date articles about music, fashion, and sports. We hope to soon incorporate movies & video games into our blog as well. We pride ourselves on our ability to discover up and coming artists in the New Jersey area.


Writer Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Bloomfield, NJ
“Truthfully, this company was a scam and made me scared to do any off campus internship (esp if it was credit based) ever again. The management gave us this messed up perception that clout matters more than your actual work, so this was applied to the artists we wanted to recruit, writers sometimes, which was discouraging. They even wanted the marketing team to make fake fan accounts for an artist in their label which was wrong, and made interns drive to point pleasant for a music video that we were never shown in, and we weren’t compensated for gas, any free lunch, and we had to pay for parking.”
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