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About Riddle & Bloom

Riddle & Bloom is an award-winning marketing agency that specializes in targeting Next Generation consumers: high schoolers, college students, and young professionals.


Campus Manager

August 2019 Logan, UT
“I liked that this was a part-time job and gave me a lot of corporate experience. There was a lot expected of me but they understood that I am a student. I was also able to use my university connections to help me with the job requirements. Not only that, but they made it really easy to reach out to students at the beginning of the semester. All the products were shipped directly to my apartment for convenience as well.”

Campus brand manager

January 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“I liked the way the company really values hard work and really wants you to succeed. This company, although it advertised for HBO doesn’t believe that HBO is the end all be all.”
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Questions & Answers

What's the work-life balance like working as a brand ambassador for Riddle & Bloom?

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What does an ambassador under Riddle & Bloom actually do in terms of content?

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