RedE Social Wellness

About RedE Social Wellness

RedE is social networking platform that helps students and young adults connect online so that they may pursue their shared hobbies and interests offline, in the real world. Need a partner for rock-climbing? Someone to go thrifting with? Come find your new friends on RedE.

RedE's members form lasting friendships based on shared hobbies and interests, not on airbrushed photos or personality algorithms. That's because, when people share positive and enjoyable experiences, they can't help but become friends.

RedE isn't like other social networking platforms. We believe that the existing social media landscape has a negative impact on mental health. As a result, we've made physical and emotional health our number-one priority. For example, we've eliminated "likes," we don't count (or compare) our members' followers, and we don't profit off their data. Rather, we're dedicated to combating the nation's ongoing epidemic of loneliness and social isolation.


Finance/Strategy Consultant

May 2022 - August 2022 Rochester, NY
“This was a very enriching internship experience! I felt like I was given tasks that really helped in the advancement of the company, and that my opinions and voice were being heard. Leadership tried to distribute work based on personal interests, which also helped me learn a lot about business and other areas in the process. It was remote and flexible, with a really fun work environment. ”

Marketing Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Rochester, NY
“I liked the flexibility! My schedule was very flexible and my bosses were very understanding of travel accommodations and such. We also had a daily meeting every day that served as a check in if needed, or a time to play a short game to get to know each other better. ”
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