Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Museum Educator

May - August 2019 • Honolulu, HI

What I liked

I enjoyed getting to teach various groups of children about basic aviation, and it was amazing to see over the course of a week how excited they were to learn about the history of aviation and the science behind it. I really enjoyed the people I got to work with, the educators that taught lessons were passionate about both what they were teaching about and getting children excited about aviation. After each week the students left the Pearl Harbor Aviation Musuem excited to return the next summer and excited to tell their families all that they learned while at our program.

What I wish was different

Each week we taught different groups of children from all over Hawaii. We had various programs for elementary students, one program for middle school students, and one program for high school students. It's important to teach students young about the wonders of aviation to get them inspired so they can pursue aviation related activities or programs. I do think it would be extremely beneficial to have a few more programs for the middle school students to be able to learn and participate in Pearl Harbor Specific activities.


Teach each lesson as if it would be the pivoting point in a students life. During our programs we teach various lessons, and as an instructor it is important to realize that with any group of students, your lesson could be the one thing that sparked a students interest to pursue something for the rest of their life. So it is important to ensure you teach each lesson to your full potential and interact with the students in a way where they are excited to learn from or be around you.
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