Paragon One

About Paragon One

Paragon One develops students’ career skills and credentials faster through real work experiences with companies.

It is hard for most students to find meaningful work experiences and build skills during school. This is because it takes most companies a lot of time and resources to train and manage students. We believe that the future of skill development for students will include the merging of the companies with higher education.

Our platform runs remote externships which are like internships but more accessible, flexible, and with structured training. Through our platform, students learn about industries, complete project work, get mentorship, and earn skill-based credentials. We are automating much of what students want in a real internship when either distance is an issue or companies have few resources to tend to students. Companies can also manage their projects and see the best student work through a dedicated dashboard.



June 2022 - August 2022 New York City, NY
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