Outdoor Odyssey

About Outdoor Odyssey

We are a nonprofit located in the Laurel Highlands focused on Leadership, Team Building, Mentoring, and Resiliency. The heart of our mission is to pair elementary students in western Pennsylvanian schools with high school mentors to ensure their success in education. We also work with a variety of other groups including ROTC/JROTC programs, veterans and active duty military, colleges and universities, corporations, and other organizations. We use low and high adventure activities as well as our leadership philosophies to help create better leaders and promote growth through adventure.

Counselors at Outdoor Odyssey gain leadership, team building, and interpersonal skills that set them apart when competing for future opportunities such as scholarships, internships, and career positions. Our previous counselors have used the experienced they gained in our program to become teachers, military officers, business professionals, government workers, and many other impressive professional roles. Set yourself apart from the rest, and gain the experience you need to excel in the career you choose!



May 2018 Boswell, PA
“The camp is founded on the Leadership principals and values of Marine Corps Major General T.S Jones, this serves as the platform from which I experienced immense personal and professional growth. The camp's mission is to pair a highschool junior or senior with an at-risk-youth by taking them through a week of shared adversity (i.e rockclimbing, ziplinning, hiking, etc...). You will learn universal leadership skills that have helped me and many other succeed in college and professional lives.”
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