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About Office of Congressman Roger Williams - Austin, Texas

Roger Williams represents the 25th congressional district of Texas which is located in North Texas and stretches from Tarrant County in the east to Callahan County in the west. Williams was raised in the Fort Worth area and attended Texas Christian University, where he was an All-Southwest Conference baseball player and named to TCU’s All-Decade Team for the 1960s.

Upon graduating, Williams was drafted by the Atlanta Braves and played in their farm system for many years before deciding to begin a new career as a small business owner and the head baseball coach at TCU.

His love of sports has followed Congressman Williams to the Capitol, where he is the chair of the bipartisan Congressional Baseball Caucus and the College Football Caucus. He is also the coach and manager of the Republican Congressional Baseball Team.

Williams was appointed by Governor Rick Perry in 2005 to serve as Texas Secretary of State where he helped usher in unprecedented economic growth to the state. He also served as the state's Chief Liaison for the Texas Border and Mexican Affairs.

In 2012, Williams was elected to Congress and has been the voice for Main Street America and families across the country. For over 50 years, he has run a family-owned car dealership and calf-cow operation. His real-world business experience has made him an effective leader and legislator. In the 118th Congress, Congressman Williams is proud to be the Chairman of the House Small Business Committee and to serve on the House Financial Services Committee.

Williams is one of the few business owners in Congress and understands first-hand the effects of increased taxes, government regulation, and bureaucracy that hurt small businesses and economic growth. He stays focused on issues ranging from government deregulation and fiscal conservatism, helping struggling businesses recover from the government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns and more. As a legislator, he continues to prioritize his seven pillars: lower taxes, less governance, cutting spending, defending our borders, listening to your generals, understanding the 10th amendment, and always standing with Israel.


Congressional Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Austin, TX
“ I liked the fact that this internship forced me to stay up to date with current events. Whether that was politics, technology, etc. ”
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