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About Nimbus Robotics

Shift is a new start-up creating breakthrough technologies in the growing Personal Mobility vertical. Shift is creating the world’s first pair of robotic shoes that easily strap to your everyday shoes and enable you to walk 150% faster without any extra effort. The company's ultimate vision is to transform personal mobility for everyone on the planet.

The speed of the Shift Shoes is automatically adjusted in real-time based upon a user's gait. The onboard computers use machine learning algorithms to adapt to user walking speeds, thereby making them a natural extension of the person's legs.

We are a fully funded startup in the late phases of product development. As an early member of our team, you will have a massive opportunity to influence the growth of our company.


Robotics Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Pittsburgh, PA
“I liked that I was given a project to do and ownership of how it should be implemented, and the fact that the team was very small meant that I could ask anyone about anything I wanted - related or not related to my project!”
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