Did anyone here develop skills, particularly as a hospitality leadership major, that TWDC may find valuable?

The four keys are still things I use today as being important in any job. Safety, courtesy, show and efficiency are important in any job.
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For anybody that's an accounting major, who pursued a career as a sr. research analyst at the Walt Disney Company, why did you decide to do so?

As my career has grown and evolved I have always kept my eyes open to opportunities that both interest me and make myself valuable in today's competitive landscape. An area that I have found this in is big data analysis using data mining skills such as SQL coding & analytical/visual data platform...
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Any accounting majors willing to discuss what skills you've developed that employers at TWDC may find valuable?

When interviewing for my position I specifically asked about this. Having a strong background in finance or accounting helps prove that you can thoroughly analyze complex problems. Being able to look at a data set, quickly analyze, answer questions, and provide recommendations on the fly is very ...
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Do I need to know anything specific going into this interview for a senior research analyst role at TWDC?

Know the background of company, its products and offerings, and its mission. Have an understanding of the current change in the way media is delivered. Look at how you watch television and note why and how you watch what you watch (Do you binge watch or weekly watch? Do you watch through traditio...
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Does a senior research analyst position within Walt Disney Company have much work-life balance?

It may vary from team to team and different geographic locations, but overall I have seen a heavy focus on work-life balance. The company recognizes how important that is, and makes it a priority.
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Is anybody willing to share what a day in the life of a cast member at Walt Disney Company is like?

When I get to my work location I clock in and pick up an assignment. Every location has different areas you can get assigned to throughout your shift. I work in attractions so we rotate positions about every 45 minutes. This is to prevent cast members from being outside in the front for too long ...
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Are there different training programs for Walt Disney Company cast members?

I've worked at two different locations and the training took a week for each. When you first get hired you attend classes such as Traditions, which just introduces you to the culture of the company. It's a fun day, I won't tell you what else happens, its a surprise. During your week of training a...
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I'm a cast member intern at Walt Disney Company, how can I get a full-time offer?

Let your leaders and coordinators know of your interest in becoming full time. As long as you have showed them through hard work during your internship that you want to be there it should be easy to land a full-time job. They also have resources on the company website, The Hub, that only cast mem...
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What motivated you to participate in the Disney College Program internship?

I decided to apply for the Disney College Program when I first went to Walt Disney World. This was before I started college so I knew I had to wait a few years before I could apply. The business side of the parks fascinated me. There were cast members everywhere and they seemed to know everythin...
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What does merchandise associate training looking like at Walt Disney Company?

The training program for a Merchandise Employee at The Walt Disney Company is very professional and helpful. I found that between the lengthy corporate training process, mixed with the training on location I was able to get a full sense of how the company worked. It was exciting training for a co...
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What skills did you develop as a journalism major that The Walt Disney Company finds valuable?

The skills I developed as a Journalism major that employers at The Walt Disney Company found valuable was my interpersonal skills, mixed with my communication skills. I was able to build upon my knowledge I had prior to the internship.
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May seem a little different, but what are some career options within The Walt Disney Company for a business administration major?

There are more possible career paths than I can list! Disney (along with many other big companies) promote primarily from within so don't expect to get a fancy title right out of school. My advice is to apply for lower level positions that sound interesting and work your way up. Disney is a GR...
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How much work ownership will there be in an administrative assistant position at Walt Disney Company ?

It may have changed since I have been there, but Admin's are expected to take ownership of their work, how it is dispersed and to not blame others. Admins have to be VERY proactive as not all other departments or managers are forthcoming with reports or information. always follow up! Be a bulldo...
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In what way, if any, does an administrative assistant contribute to the mission of Walt Disney Company?

by administering the paper work, getting the funds dispersed, procuring the facilities needed, contacting other departments, calculating the expense, arranging the meetings and travel itinerary and keeping composure.
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