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Who are we?

MonAfrique is an exciting tech sustainable company that prides itself in producing sustainable lifestyle consumer products primarily from the African continent for global customers to cherish. We're international and very proud of that! Our Board consists of women, and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, constantly hiring diverse qualified talent. So far we have hired from Asia, United States, England, Africa and South and Central America.

Why should you work for us?

Our mission is to provide the most trustworthy online retail customer experience for African inspired designers and purchasing clients while fostering innovation, trade and economic development to reduce global economic equality. You should join us if you are hard working, self motivated and talented at what you do. Our team works hard to uphold our mission with integrity

Who do we typically hire?

Our past hires include students from Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, Stony Brook, Pratt and more.
We hire hardworking, dedicated talent who are genuinely keen on making a difference, and go above and beyond to meet deadlines and deliverables. We hire people who think with a global mindset, and genuinely respect all ethnicities and value the dignity in common humanity.

Why work with us?
Our rates our one of the most competitive in the market for recent graduates. Additionally, because our team is small and lean, everyone will know you by name and you will be given responsibility from the upstart, following any preliminary training. We also offer benefits such as health insurance

=== Popular FAQ's====
1. Where will I work from?
We all currently work globally and remotely so you will work from home or a co-working space

2. Do you offer internships?

Yes, but only to applicants who we feel match our high work ethic and standards. We offer paid and unpaid internships. This time will ease your transition into our remote work culture, onboard you slowly and provide a pressure free environment to ensure you're set up for long term professional success.

3. What will make my application stand out?
Three qualities: Demonstrated enthusiasm for our work and inclusivity, having the write skill sets for the job, a demonstrated eagerness to learn

4. What Benefits Do You offer?
We believe benefits should be as unique as you are. We recommend health insurance and will discuss other options with you based on your unique needs.

5. Who Shouldn't Apply?
Unfortunately we cannot accept people looking for short 1 - 3 month experiences. As mentioned, demonstrated enthusiasm for what we do is key to your application, and we seek long term hires.

6. What's the Application Process like?
Competitive. We're dedicated to hiring quality talent that fits our culture. Typically expect 2 questionnaires and one or two interviews.

** 7. Where Can I learn More Info About Your Company Culture: **
1. See Our Culture Book
2. Watch Former Employee Reviews


Motion Graphics Designer

June 2021 - August 2021 San Diego, CA
“I had a positive experience while working at MonAfrique. In terms of art and design, I feel like I learned a lot from my boss and colleagues while also being able to contribute with my own work. Feedback and meetings were in depth with the intention of making each deliverable as highly designed and polished as possible. It was a crash course in minimalist design, and working on projects outside of my field was helpful as those skills translated when working on motion graphics and video. I also collaborated with other designers around the world on some projects which was special and an overall fun experience. It pushed the projects to a better level of quality.”
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