Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc.

About Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc.

Mitsubishi Power leads the industry in power generation and energy storage solutions. We design, manufacture, service, and optimize power systems worldwide. Our power generation solutions include natural gas, steam, aero-derivative, geothermal, distributed renewable technologies, environmental controls, and services. Committed to environmental protection and carbon reduction, we are at the forefront of green hydrogen and battery energy storage systems. Our digital solutions enable autonomous operations and maintenance of power assets.


Mechanical Engineering Associate

October 2018 Orlando, FL
“The people are amazing. They do good to mentor you and make sure you learn something and are enjoying what you do. If you don't like your department or what you do, they will make sure you end up where you are suited best.”

Mechanical Engineering Associate

July 2019 Orlando, FL
“I absolutely love how the company treats you like a real engineer and not just an intern, but at the same time they always teach and show you many things you don't know as you're just starting. They've helped me grow into a better professional!”
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