Mela Group Inc.

management trainee

June 2021 • Long Beach, CA

What I liked

Most of the people I worked with were kind.

What I wish was different

I wish that it was an actual internship. There were two rounds of interviews where they made it seem very legitimate with everyone dressed business professional. There was a lot of time spent emphasizing the management training program. There was no such program. An actual day on the job went like this; show up at 8 am dressed in a business professional ( so that the people being interviewed would think that is what the workers wear) and spend 1 hour going over a sales pitch. You can then change into street clothes before going out to give away free phones on the street for 8 hours. Then when you got back, you have to change back into your business professional clothes before reviewing how your sales day went with one of the group leaders. 10 hours every day, plus you are expected to work half days on Saturday.


Do not waste your time on this "internship". I was trying to find something last minute and thought this would be perfect but it is not a real internship opportunity. You would be better off working any kind of part time job over the summer then doing this. Very misleading internship posting and interviewers who try to convince you that you will own a business and make a ton of money. Don't fall for it like I did!
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