Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc

About Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc

Matt Talbot Recovery Services, Inc. offers hope to people of all races and gender. While our program has evolved, the philosophy has remained constant: that all men and women are endowed with an inherent dignity, and each has an inalienable right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Yet due to the
abuse of alcohol and other drugs, some individuals have lost awareness of their dignity
and are unable to follow these pursuits. Persons so afflicted are
entitled to and can benefit from a program of rehabilitation that considers
each person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
At Matt Talbot Recovery Services, our goal is to help each individual achieve and maintain sobriety, wellness, and find a meaningful place in society.



January 2017 - June 2018 Milwaukee, WI
“Group and one-on-one Counseling, intake, assessments, psychosocial, and knowing I have helped the clients.”
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