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About Marks Paneth

We're Marks Paneth, an accounting firm committed to our clients' success. Our priority is to help them make smart decisions at every turn.

As a growing firm our focus is on giving clients access to the best and most experienced professionals in our industry, regardless of the discipline. Even as we grow, we stick to our culture of personal attention and customized services.

We aim to provide value to our clients throughout the life of the relationship and to maintaining an open dialogue. We expect and encourage ongoing communication about the changing business, tax and financial landscape.


Accounting Intern

January 2019 New York City, NY
“Hands on experience, flexible hours, team engagement and involvement in volunteer intramural sports. Positive work-life balance, great work environment”

Audit Intern

January 2019 - May 2019 Jenkintown, PA
“I thought it was interesting learning about the different clients and what they did. One of the clients we traveled to was in Maryland and what the company did was make distinct kinds of seafood that we all got to try a day for lunch. Also, the Senior Auditors and Staff Auditors really were helpful and always answered my questions when I had one about different Auditing topics. Also, the Managers always sat down providing great one on one time and gave great advice on how you could improve on your work.”
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