Mansfield Hall

Academic Coach

August 2017 • Burlington, VT

What I liked

The staff culture at Mansfield is amazing. Some of my closest friends are also my coworkers. It's a truly supportive, fun, and engaging place to work. Also, the students we work with are great. We have such a special community comprised of unique individuals.

What I wish was different

Mansfield is a fairly young organization, so it is still going through growing pains and figuring some things out, which can be difficult at times.


Mansfield is a great place to work - if you have the right personality. Everyone is "quirky or quirky compatible," as we like to say. It can definitely be tough to work with students with diverse learning needs, and you have to have a certain level of self esteem/assurance, patience, and a willingness to continually grow, learn, and adapt.
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