Liberty Athletic Club

About Liberty Athletic Club

Liberty Athletic Club welcomed its first members more than 39 years ago, and we've been going strong ever since. Our athletic club—which now spans 110,000 square-feet on 12 acres and houses four state-of-the-art cardio and strength training areas, six indoor and four outdoor tennis courts, four swimming pools, and a full-service spa—is Ann Arbor's largest.

Community is what you'll find here above all else. Our members. Our staff. The people who have walked through our doors, and continue to do so every day, are more important to us than any capital investment we've ever made. It goes back to our founding mission: to provide a welcoming, family-oriented place for people of all ages to gather and play.

Today, of course, we play in many more ways, as is obvious from our list of club features and programs below. We hope you'll take the time to visit us in person, because it's only when you step inside our home that you truly get a sense for all that we have to offer.


Childcare Attendant

August 2018 Ann Arbor, MI
“The positive atmosphere and working with the children ”
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